Live At The Big Mama
 Giammarco, Liebman, Humair, Di Castri
 David Liebman (tenor & soprano saxes)
Maurizio Giammarco (tenor & soprano saxes)
Daniel Humair (drums)
Furio Di Castri (Drums)
 Soul Note
(from David Liebman inside cover notes:)
(...) What you have here is a very good representation of how we four musicians play. The friendship and camaraderie among us go in different directions and in some cases over decades. Maurizio has been always one of my favourite saxophonists and composers as well as close friend since we met in Sardinia (...). Daniel is an icon of european jazz and we have been playing in various circumstances for over fifteen years. Furio is one of the great bassists in the world and been around for a long time. You can easily hear the easy rapport and intense conversation taking place between us. (...)

1. Wild cats in the House (Giammarco, Liebman, Humair, Di Castri)
2. Madrugada (Di Castri)
3. Reflections On Roman Walls (Giammarco, Liebman, Humair, Di Castri)
4. To C Or Not To C (Giammarco)
5. Old Man Blues (Liebman)
6. Thoughts Of Loss (Liebman)
7. Chickens (Giammarco)

Reflections On Roman Wall