Tricycles: Maurizio Giammarco - Dario Deidda - John B. Arnold
 Maurizio Giammarco (saxes, flute, piano, electronics)
Dario Deidda (electric bass)
John Brandon Arnold (drums, electronics)
 PDM (Auditorium) Records
(From M.Giammarco cover notes)
Tricycles is not just another trio, at least not for us. For personal reasons, John has been travelling back and forth between Rome and New York – where he was born – since the 1970s. By the close of this decade we were already occasionally playing together. We have known Dario for a good twenty years now, ever since he burst onto the scene as the electric bass phenomenon everyone has heard of today. Later on, the two of them took part in some of my projects and I too have occasionally joined bands led by them. Our partnership has continued on and off in quite a consistent way. Aside from fostering our friendship, it has also brought to light our substantial agreement in terms of musical and artistic aims and views. Then at a certain point this trio was set up. If I were to describe the cornerstone of our work in just a few words, I would say that regardless of any recurrent genre inroads (and amusements), our aim has always been to use the trio as an unfettered realm ensuring the creativeness and sacredness of the performance as a way of producing music as genuine as possible and foreign to any contextualization. Our trio has been playing under the name of Tricycles for ten years at least: enough time to make me forget when and where we performed our first gig using this name. Paradoxically, what you are holding in your hands is our first album, pace our fans, who had lost all hope (Tricycles' avowed poetic choice so far has been to only exist as a live
band). But make no mistake: the trio is constantly evolving, so this record is only a snapshot of Tricycles in November 2010. A little earlier or later and we would perhaps have come up with something completely different. Perhaps we should now take some other snapshots...