In Our Hands
 Maurizio Giammarco Heart Quartet
  Maurizio Giammarco (saxes)
Mauro Grossi (piano)
Piero Leveratto (double bass)
Andrea Melani (drums)
 Blue Note (EMI)
The second MG Heart Quartet record is actually one of my favourite sessions and marks also the first debut ever of an italian band on the internationally well known Blue Note label. Unfortunatelly, despite the excellence of the content, this recording is at the moment out of print.

1. Generation (Giammarco)
2. Autumn Breed (Giammarco)
3. Fingers Of Fortune (Giammarco, Grossi, Leveratto)
4. Like A Fish (Giammarco)
5. One As A Pair (P.Leveratto)
6. B Witch (Giammarco)
7. Falling In Love With Love (Rodgers, Hart)
8. El Gordo (P.Leveratto)
9. Outras Palavras (P.Leveratto)
10. Emanation (Giammarco