Seven Plus Eight
 Maurizio Giammarco - Phil Markowitz Quartet
 Maurizio Giammarco (saxes)
Phil Markowitz (piano)
Piero Leveratto (bass)
Fabrizio sferra (drums)
 Night Bird (France) NBM 1003-2
(Out of print at the moment, the artist owns about last 100 copies! This masterpiece is looking for a new publisher!)

(from David Liebman's inside cover notes)
(...) Phil is among the greates musicians I have ever known on any instrument. He has a complete understanding of the tradition, instant recall of scales and voicings, composes some of the best tunes around and is a consummate group player as well as individual voice. His time is impeccable and he can read anything. They don't come any better than Phil to hear him with one of my favourite tenor players and good friend. Maurizio Giammarco is a thrill. These are GREAT ARTISTS beyond category.

This is a very important and excellent recording, who documents the artistic relationship appeared between two distinguish musicians and composers who have found an unified emphatetic concept of music and artistic goals. This Quartet (born in 1999), which includes bassist Piero Leveratto and drummer Fabrizio Sferra (both long time Giammarco' former groups associates), blends contemporary and traditional elements in a fresh and vital mix which epitomizes the modern jazz concept.

1. Semisphere (P.Markowitz)
2. The Uncommon Guest (P.Leveratto)
3. "7" (Markowitz)
4. Son (Giammarco)
5. Shapes (Markowitz)
6. Caravan (Ellington, Mills, Tizol)
7. Sunset City (Giammarco)
8. Beloved (Markowitz)
9. Libra (Giammarco