The Auditorium Session
  Tom Harrell (trumpet & Flughel)
Maurizio Giammarco (saxes)
Fabio Zeppetella (el.guitar)
Dario Deidda (el.bass)
Fabrizio Sferra (drumes)
This CD followed a concert held at the roman Auditorium, Parco Della Musica, on April 12, 2005. This quintet features legendary trumpet player Tom Harrell, who I consider to be one of the few, true jazz poets still around. As often happens in jazz, the music of this album has been ran off in one single afternoon, the day right after the concert, and keeps within the magician of an intense and true musical adventure, conveying to the listener the same natural and relaxed flow the musicians experienced in the making of the session.

1. I Nodi e Il Pettine (Giammarco)
2. Accross The City (Zeppetella)
3. Sei in Sei (Zeppetella)
4. The Sun, The Moon and You (Harrell)
5. Remembering Mingus At Music Inn (Giammarco)
6. Autumn In New York (Vernon Duke)
7. Fountain (Harrell)
8. Walking On The Beach (Zeppetella)
9. Little Girl (Zeppetella)

I Nodi e Il Pettine