Maurizio Giammarco Heart Quartet
  Maurizio Giammarco (saxes)
Mauro Grossi (piano)
Piero Leveratto (double bass)
Andrea Melani (drums)
 Soul Note
This is the first recording of the mid '90 M.G. regular working quartet.
(from inside cover notes, by Gianfranco Salvatore):
To the well disposed listener, italian jazz can reveal a complete stylistic panorama. (...) Maurizio Giammarco is a special case. First of all he is one of the few italian jazzmen who, yet being born within the bosom of modern jazz, knows also very well the styles of the great creators of classic jazz. Many of his qualities, from the sense of form to the care of the stylistic elements of the solos, have taken advantage of this great historic background. He has gone through all modern jazz, finding each time an original mould, shaped on his own natural talent as composer and arranger, and carving deeply his own saxophone style, thanks to the multiplicity of experiences he has ben through. He ventured to the extremes of this process, writing for istance for a symphoniy orchestra, and more notably founding Lingomania, a long-lasting super group which has elaborated the most interesting european interpretation of fusion music.
With regard to the free, Giammarco had already been well associated with this music since the beginning of his career - also as a sideman of some of his historical fathers, like Lester Bowie - and he knows therefore how to exploit its creative resources, when playing either tonal or modal. Urgency, the composition which opens this album demonstrates this once again.
I have followed the career of this musician since its beginning and I must recognise that Giammarco himself helped me to understand that the word eclecticism is not necessarily derogatory, but that, on the contrary, this concept can be conciliated with creativity as well as artistic severity and intellectual honesty. One needs a great and multiform talent for a true eclecticism, and Giammarco has this talent. (...)

1. Urgency (Giammarco)
2. Inside News (Giammarco)
3. Max Traces (Giammarco)
4. Sweet You (Giammarco)
5. Kintamani (Giammarco)
6. Milano Nights (Giammarco)
7. Spin (Giammarco)
8. Lies (Mauro Grossi)
9. Youngsters (Giammarco)
10. E se Domani (Carlo Alberto Rossi)

Milano Nights