Maurizio Giammarco (saxes)
Flavio Boltro (trumpet)
Umberto Fiorentino (el.guitar)
Furio Di Castri (bass)
Roberto Gatto (drums)
 GALA Records
After three years of previous work and a remarkable reputation already earned all over the country, Maurizio Giammarco's band Lingomania went finally in the studio to record his first album, Riverberi on august 1986. This recording, documenting the group first team with a two horns front line, signed a true milestone in the italian jazz history of the 80s, presenting a real up-to-date group project (a kind of electric jazz but more jazz oriented and more harmonically hip than most of the fusion music heard at that time), being accurately self produced (as far studio sound quality is concerned) and, because of the wide fans expectations, selling around 5.000 copies in a few months: an unbelievable outcome for the average italian jazz sells of that time (... in the present time are even worst!).
Sequencer use and Umberto Fiorentino's sinth-guitar playing enliven the otherwise pretty much jazzied atmosphere, where stand out trumpet player Flavio Boltro's emerging talent and Furio Di Castri's dexterity on double bass (but both musicians left the group after a while).

1. Riverberi (Giammarco)
2. Morning Mood (Giammarco)
3. Assegn-azione (Giammarco)
4. Esosfera (Giammarco)
5. Monomania (Fiorentino)
6. Lingo's Fanfare (Giammarco)
7. Rassegn-azione (Giammarco)