Maurizio Giammarco (saxes)
Danilo Rea (keyboards)
Umberto Fiorentino (el.guitar)
Enzo Pietropaoli (bass)
Roberto Gatto (drums)
 GALA Records
"Maurizio Giammarco with his quintet Lingomania has succeeded in creating in Italy the same jazz miracle that Miles Davis did in the 80s, by making people accept the idea of compatibility of acoustic and electric instruments, jazz and funk and swing and rock rhythms."(Gianfranco Salvatore from: Wire Magazine, March 1987).
This second Lingomania album, recorded April 1987, shows a modified front line, with the arrival of Danilo Rea on keyboards (in the place of Flavio Boltro on trumpet) and Enzo Pietropaoli on electric bass (in the place of Furio Di Castri). This has been the most well-known and succesfull version of the band, thanks also to the long time relationship and friendship existing between these musicians, comrades in many other musical adventures to come. This album shows also a more focused group image in terms of sound and musical form development (often very articulated), as is apparent in the leader's tunes, but also in Fiorentino's and Pietropaoli's compositions as well, who shared at that time a very close view about the group musical identity.

1. The Groove After (Giammarco)
2. Mokambo (Giammarco)
3. Amore a Prima Vista (Giammarco)
4. Rising Wings (Fiorentino)
5. Shops (Giammarco)
6. First Take (Pietropaoli)
7. Flags (Giammarco)
8. Overtalk (Giammarco)