Maurizio Giammarco Quartet
  Maurizio Giammarco (saxes)
Danilo Rea (piano)
Marc Johnson (bass)
Peter Erskine (drums)
 GALA Records
Recorded on July 1988, this is a great blowing session with one of the best rhythm sections ever.
(From the inside cover notes:) "This recording has been a real pleasure for me. First of all the pleasure to play with three distinguished masters, and to play with them my compositions (some of them, particularly loved by me, were waiting in the closet for such an occasion). They are all themes inspired by authentic private life sensations and situations: the kind of stories you tell to a bar tender, in the middle of the night, when you're high." (...)

1. Old Home (Giammarco)
2. Sky Walker (Giammarco)
3. End Of A Bop Affair (Giammarco)
4. No Spanish Night (Giammarco)
5. Arboreal Code (Giammarco)
6. Unexpected Flight (Giammarco)
7. Voce Vai Ver (A.C. Jobim)

End Od A Bop Affair